A centuries-old village cemetery... with space still available

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Did you know that on this website you can access the burial records of a loved one who is interred at the Williamsville Cemetery (or any of the cemeteries in the Forest Lawn Group)?

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Important News: 

The last remaining family lots in Williamsville Cemetery are now available.

Located in the heart of the village for which it’s named, Williamsville Cemetery is one of the region’s most historic cemeteries.  With burials dating back more than 200 years, it is the final resting place for generations of families who called Williamsville home.  Given its history, it’s not surprising that there is very limited space remaining for new burials.  But there are some family lots available, and we’ve made it easier and more affordable for families like yours to stay together forever.  But act now, as a VERY limited number of lots remain and special "pre-development" discounts are available for a limited time.


Four decades before the historic Village of Williamsville was incorporated, some of the area’s first citizens began to use our land as a “Loving Family” burial ground. It’s easy to see why they chose this location, given the convenience of Main Street, combined with the natural beauty of our tree-covered landscape and gently rolling hills...

Today, Williamsville Cemetery is one of the best-maintained village cemeteries in Western New York – and one of the only such cemeteries that still has space available. The beautiful park-like grounds, filled with mature trees and 200-year-old monuments, offer options for both cremation as well as traditional burials. As you walk or drive through Williamsville Cemetery, you will quickly be enveloped in a rich sense of history, nostalgia and tranquility that you simply will not find anywhere else in Western New York.